Tamarind Chutney Recipe

Tamarind Chutney

इमली की खट्टी मीठी चटनी बनाने का आसान तरीका I दहीवडा / चाट के लिए I Imli Chutney

Tamarind Chutney is widely known as Imli Chutney and very famous in India. It is a sweet and tangy sauce and generally served with Chaat. It is also served with Samosa, Kachauri, Dahi Vada etc. One can store it for months.

Ingredients : Interesting facts


  • Chillies are natural pain killers.
  • National Chili Day is celebrated in U.S. on 4th Thursday in February.
  • Birds are immune to hotness of Chillies.
  • Hottest part of Chilli are its interior veins, and not its seeds.

Cumin seeds

  • Cumin is believed to be originated from Egypt.
  • It is a drought-tolerant crop and grows in tropical regions.
  • Although it is called Cumin Seed, it is basically fruit of the cumin plant.
  • It is commonly known as Jeera in India.
  • Around 70% of the world’s cumin production is done in India.


  • Kids’ sugar cravings are rooted in biology. Sugar is the only taste that humans are born craving.
  • It is used as a food preservative as well.
  • Natural source of sugar are sugarcane, fruits, honey, dates etc.
  • Initially, sugar was so rare and expensive only royalty could afford it—and in very small quantities at that.


  • Ginger is a rhizome (an underground stem) and not a root.
  • India is the largest producer of Ginger.
  • In India, use of ginger in medicine goes back to ancient times.
  • Its generic name is “Zingiber”. It is derived from the Greek word “zingiberis”, which comes from the Sanskrit name of the spice, “singabera”.


  • Salt is the most common ingredient in our kitchen.
  • It is present in each and every cell of our body.
  • Its Latin name is Sal from which the word “salary” is derived. It is believed that in the ancient times, the roman soldiers were paid in salt.
  • It is essential for life, but its excess intake poses health risk.

Black Salt

  • Black salt or kala namak is not really black in colour. In its crystal form, it looks purple.
  • It is also known as “Himalayan black salt”.
  • Historically, it is made from the salt rocks, mined in Himalayas region.

Recipe Details

Tamarind (Imli) Chutney

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 10 min Cook Time 21 min Rest Time 30 min Total Time 1 hr 1 min Servings: 10 Best Season: Suitable throughout the year




Tamarind Paste Preparation

    • Take a bowl.
    • Add 1 cup Seedless Tamarind and 2&1/2 cup hot water.
    • Soak for 1/2 hour.
    • After 1/2 hour, the tamarind will become soft.
    • Blend it to fine paste.
    • Sieve it.
    • Tamarind paste is ready.


    • Put a pan on gas.
    • Keep flame low.
    • Add the below mentioned ingredients:
      • Oil – 1 tbsp
      • Dry Red Chilli – 2 nos
      • Bay leaf – 1 no
      • Cumin seed – ½ tsp
      • Fennel seeds – ½ tsp
    • Now add tamarind paste.
    • Stir well.
    • Let it boil.
    • Not add 1 cup Jaggery and 4 tbsp Sugar.
    • Cook for 2-3 minutes on low flame.
    • Now add the below mentioned ingredients:
      • Roasted cumin powder – 1 tsp
      • Roasted Fennel powder – 1 tsp
      • Red Chilli powder – 1 tsp
      • Dry Ginger powder – ½ tsp
      • Salt – ½ tsp
      • Black Salt – 1 tsp
    • Stir well.
    • Cook for 10-12 minute on low flame.
    • Cook until desired consistency is achieved.
    • Sieve it.

Tamarind (Imli) Chutney is ready


  • It can be stored in Fridge for 5-6 months.

Recipe Video


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