Eggless Suji Cake

Suji Cake

Suji Cake in Pressure cooker I Eggless Rawa cake I कुकर में बनाएं सूजी केक | No Maida No Oven

Rava cake recipe is very easy and simple tea time cake recipe made with suji/rava and tutti-frutti. Suji/rava cake which is made from simple things already present in every kitchen. Egg is not used in its preparation.

Ingredients – Interesting facts


  • It is white because of its fat content.
  • It will stay fresher if you add salt.
  • It is the only food that you can survive wholly on.
  • The world’s rarest cheese is made from donkey milk.
  • June is National Dairy Month.
  • On a dairy farm, a farmer’s day begins and ends with milking the cows.


  • Vinegar is an acidic liquid produced through fermentation.
  • Because of its acetic acid content, it is used as a preservative.
  • The word “vinegar” comes from the Old French word “vinaigre”, meaning “sour wine.”
  • Fruit vinegars are made from fruit wines.
  • White vinegar is often used as a household cleaning agent.


  • Kids’ sugar cravings are rooted in biology. Sugar is the only taste that humans are born craving.
  • It is used as a food preservative as well.
  • Natural source of sugar are sugarcane, fruits, honey, dates etc.
  • Initially, sugar was so rare and expensive only royalty could afford it—and in very small quantities at that.

Recipe Details

Suji Cake

Difficulty: Intermediate Prep Time 10 min Cook Time 60 min Rest Time 20 min Total Time 1 hr 30 mins Servings: 6 Best Season: Suitable throughout the year


Batter Preparation


Tutti-frutti mix preparation

    • Take a bowl.
    • Add 2 tbsp Tutti-frutti and 1 tbsp refined flour.
    • Mix properly.

Batter Preparation

    • Take 1 cup Suji (Rawa).
    • Grind it.
    • Take 3/4 cup milk in a bowl and add grinded suji.
    • Mix properly and keep aside for 20 minutes.
    • Take another bowl.
    • Add 1/2 cup milk and 1 tbsp Vinegar.
    • Mix together and keep aside for 5 minutes. This mix will now act as Buttermilk.
    • Now take suji/rawa mix and add the prepared buttermilk.
    • Add the below mentioned ingredients:
      • Powdered sugar-1/2 cup
      • Refined oil-1/2 cup
      • Baking powder-1tsp
      • Baking soda-1/2 tsp
      • Vanilla essence-1 tsp
    • Mix it properly.
    • Now add refined flour mixed tutti-frutti.
    • Batter is ready.


    • Make a layer of salt inside a Pressure Cooker and heat it.
    • Place a stand and preheat the cooker on medium flame for 15min.
    • Without whistle and gasket, close the lid.


    • Take cake tin mould.
    • Brush it with little oil or butter.
    • Place butter paper and brush little oil over it.
    • Transfer the batter to prepared the mould.
    • Keep the cake tin in preheated cooker for 50-60 min on medium flame.
    • After 50 min, insert a knife or toothpick in cake. If knife come out clean, then cake is ready.
    • Cool the cake and unmould.


  • All ingredients should be on room temperature.
  • Do’nt over mix the batter.
  • Lemon juice can be used  instead of vineger.
  • Only use unflovour oil.

Recipe Video

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