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Leftover Roti Sandwich


Roti sandwich is a very tasty and healthy recipe. Kids friendly snack recipe which can be made in no time with basic ingredients available in any kitchen and leftover roti.

Ingredients – Interesting facts


  • It is the state vegetable of New Jersey.
  • Its juice is state beverage of Ohio.
  • Tomato seedlings have been grown in space.
  • The world’s largest tomato tree was grown in the experimental greenhouse at Walt Disney World Resort.
  • Tomatoes aren’t always red. They can be yellow, pink, purple, black and even white.
  • La Tomatina is an annual festival in Spain, where people throw tomatoes at each other.


  • Applying a little mayonnaise on crayon marks on wall and rubbing it gently may neatly clean up the walls without affecting wall colors.
  • Mayonnaise is generally not vegetarian, as its main ingredient is egg. But many brands also make egg-free mayonnaise.
  • Applying mayonnaise as a hair conditioner has similar effect as regular conditioner.


  • The oldest know onion harvest dates back to around 5,000 BC, over 7,000 years ago!
  • The sulfuric compounds in onions cause is to cry when we chop them. Chilling it before cutting reduced this effect.
  • It was used by Athletes and soldiers in ancient civilizations as a source of power.
  • These are some of the oldest vegetables that were used by the first modern civilizations.


  • Carrot is a root vegetable.
  • Carrots have seeds.
  • Beta-carotene is released during cooking carrots, which makes carrot even more nutritious.
  • Holtville, California is known as “Carrot Capital of the World”.


  • Chillies are natural pain killers.
  • National Chili Day is celebrated in U.S. on 4th Thursday in February.
  • Birds are immune to hotness of Chillies.
  • Hottest part of Chilli are its interior veins, and not its seeds.

Black peppercorns

  • Black Pepper comes from the dried fruit peppercorn.
  • Black Pepper is mainly produced in India, Vietnam, Brazil and Indonesia.
  • Black Peppercorns are green when harvested, and change color while drying.
  • Pepper loses its flavor and aroma through evaporation. For the best flavor, it may be right before consumption.
  • As it was so expensive, it was mostly eaten by the wealthy in the past.


  • Salt is the most common ingredient in our kitchen.
  • It is present in each and every cell of our body.
  • Its Latin name is Sal from which the word “salary” is derived. It is believed that in the ancient times, the roman soldiers were paid in salt.
  • It is essential for life, but its excess intake poses health risk.

Recipe Details

Leftover Roti Sandwich

Servings: 1





Stuffing Preparation

    • Take a Roti (Chapati).
    • Spread tomato sauce and mayonnaise over it.
    • Spread chopped Onion, chopped Capsicum, chopped Carrot, small paneer cubes, Chilli flakes, mixed herbs, Black pepper, salt, Mozzarella cheese over the Roti.
    • Take another Roti and spread tomato sauce over it. Put this Roti over earlier one.


    • Put a tawa on gas on low flame.
    • Spread a little butter.
    • Place the prepared roti on tawa and cover the lid.
    • Cook for 2 mins on low flame.
    • Flip it and again cover the lid and cook 1-2 mins on low flame.

Roti sandwich is ready

Recipe Video

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